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Here at Bathroomwarehouse UK Ltd we believe value for money is paramount to us and to you this is why all the items we sell are purchase directly from the manufacturers and in bulk, there are no middle men to add their margins.  Purchasing our products this way gives you the best deals there is to be found. Our price will arouse your interest and you may think that they are too cheap, compared to our competitors, this does not reflect quality.  Many of our competitors do not buy goods directly from the manufactures but from suppliers located in the United Kingdom or abroad.

We have our own international inspection team that visits every manufacturer before the goods are delivered to our warehouse in Merton.

If you come to our warehouse you can purchase the goods and collect the item the same day.  Or if you live in our local delivery zone we will deliver to your door the next day between 9am – 8pm.  We have especially introduced an evening delivery within our local area only for your convenience.

We have gone around the world searching for all our products, and have brought to you some products which you will not find everyone else is selling.  Example, our copper tubs are hand made in an old and traditional way in a village, in Indonesia. 

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About us!

We have been trading on eBay for more than 20 years, but formalized our Limited company in 2007. We trade all over Europe and exported as far West as Colombia and as far East as Azerbaijan. If you can find us on our Face book you will discover that we have done extraordinary projects from creating marble bath tubs for an Italian Hotel to supplying a hotel in Austria with quartz stone baths made from concept to design to reality in a space of 12 weeks, weighing 500kg each. We have a combine experience of over 50 years in the building trade and in developing products from concept to sourcing the right factories to manufacturer.

We excel in Copper & Cast iron baths and have 5 dedicated factories supporting our retail and commercial presence in the U.K and beyond. For almost 15 years we have been supplying copper baths and cast iron baths. At any one time we will have over 200 baths ready for dispatch and if you do not like what you see we will make it for you!

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Single Slipper N /TH 1560mm Windsor & Buckingham


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